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Where in the World are NATM Compliant Trailers?

February 29, 2024

Where in the World are NATM Compliant Trailers?

National Association of Trailer Manufacturers

1320 SW Topeka Blvd.

Topeka, KS  66612




 Contact: Tim Hrabe/Pam O’Toole

Phone: (785) 272-4433


 Where in the World are NATM Compliant Trailers?

For Immediate Release

 Topeka, KS – The “Where in the World are NATM Compliant Trailers” promotion is an effort to increase interaction among NATM, its members and their customers through social media. From September 26 to October 26, trailer manufacturers, dealers and consumers are encouraged to e-mail photos of their NATM compliant trailers proudly displaying the NATM Compliance Decal.

The NATM Compliance Verification Program verifies that manufacturers have the processes
in place to produce trailers that comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)
and recommended industry practices. Members successfully completing the compliance
consultation may purchase and display the compliance decals on their trailers. Consumers are
urged to look for the compliance decal when purchasing a trailer.

Photos of the trailer must include the compliance decal. All submissions should be emailed to WhereintheWorld@NATM.com and should include the name of the manufacturer, the model name, if known and the location of the trailer. All photos will then be featured in an album

on NATM’s Facebook page. Prizes will be awarded to the photo taken farthest from NATM Headquarters and the manufacturer best represented in the album will receive a feature article and cover in an upcoming issue of Tracks. In addition all individuals or businesses submitting a photo will receive a voucher good for five dollars off the price of The Trailer Handbook.

For more information on the Where in the World promotion, please visit www.NATM.com or

Facebook us at www.Facebook.com/NATMTrailers1.


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